Thursday, August 21, 2008

Glending, Glending and Glending

Yep, Tuesday Glending with Gene, Wednesday Glending with Gene and Conor and tonight with Adam! Its cutting up a bit due to the heavy rain fall over the past 14 days, but almost 2 days with small amounts of rain fall should help to dry the place out a litttle.

I was thinking about trying the Marathon Champs course tomorrow evening, but since I've been out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, probably would be good to rest up till the race. The reports on the loop seem to indicate is pretty straightforward with little chance of getting lost :)

Its looking like Sundays event will be my last mountain bike race for the year as I'm on holiday for a few weeks in Sept and its most likely the cancelled Castlewellan race will be run while I'm away. Better start looking for a couple of road races to quench the compeditive streak in me!

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