Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Had enough and went to the doctor on Monday.  So it turns out I've a Sinus infection and that means antibiotics and some other drugs to sort it out.  Its a nasty infection in that I've got stabbing pains in my right eye and tooth ache in my upper right jaw, but its not a patch on the infection I had 5ish years ago when I ended up in bed for 4 days with the symptoms on both sides of my head!

Apart from the pain, I'm also not getting much sleep so all in all, I'd say I'm right back to square 1 in terms of training.  But as I mentioned before, it's not like I have specific goals this side of June so there's no pressure on me.

If the antibiotics do their thing, I'd like to think I can get back on the bike on Friday with a handy spin into work, but will play it by ear.

Apart from that, I've just been doing some bike maintenance with the KTM rebuilt and looking lovely (and still for sale!) and some serious work done on cleaning up the Kinesis with was not getting much loving over the past month or so.

Looks like my first competitive race of the season will be a road race in Monasterevin in mid-February.  I'll be hopelessly unfit for that one, but will be performing domestique duties for Gene Ryan :)

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