Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012... setback number 1

Got some weird head cold / sinus thing.  Has totally flattened me since last Friday.  And things were going okish too.

Had a few good spins on the road.  Tried to keep the pace high and stay on top of the gears.  The times were nothing to write home about, but it was a good start.  I also managed a couple of hours on the mountain bike (wheels holding up nicely - could turn out to be the bargain of the year!)  I'd not started on the Turbo trainer, but was planning on doing a bit this week.

Then Aidan starting coughing...a lot.  After about 3 days I started to get a head cold.  Tied in with 4 nights on the trot with a combined total of 15 hours sleep, things went from bad to worse.  I got the first symptoms last Thursday afternoon, but cycled into work on Friday as I was only hurting above the neck, but by Saturday/Sunday was in bits.  I had to just go to bed early.  But despite getting about 8 hours sleep over the past 2 nights I wake up feeling like I've not slept at all.

I don't think I can do much more than put the feet up and take it easy (well as much as you can with 2 kids).  I won't be stressing about not hitting my training plan that's for sure :)

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