Monday, February 27, 2012

The return of the pox and other news

I thought things could not get much worse after the illnesses at the start of February, but I was wrong.  Despite that, it was not shaping up to be a bad month training-wise.  In fact, it was one of the best in terms of distance in over a year so I was keen to finish the month with a couple of big spins before taking it handy for a week or so.

However, nothing goes to plan and in the middle of last week when my son began throwing up I did get a little worried.  But by Friday that seemed to have stopped and he was on his way back.  But the following day things starting going downhill for me, cumulating in plenty of worshipping in front of the porcelain throne.  Sunday was a total write off and today, despite my big (pre-Friday) plans, was spent doing very little.

Just to help me get a picture of the races I plan (and you know what they say about those) on doing... here's the list:

Dublin Wheelers Grand Prix  - Race cancelled
St. Paddy's day race - 17th March - maybe nope....
Newbridge GP - 18th March - gone!  Christening that day...
Des Hanlon - 25th March
Lough Derg Challenge - 21st/22nd April
NPS Round 2 - 29th April
NPS Round 4 - 27th May
NPS Round 5 - 10th June (maybe)
NPS Round 6 - 25th June (longshot)
XC Champs - 15th July
Marathon Series - 5th August
Marathon Champs - 26th August

The Cooley Thriller will be in there too I'm sure and hopefully the Bull Raid.  Won't be doing Bontrager this year unfortunately.  Its looking to be pretty quite after June race-wise, so hopefully some one off events will appear in the calendar.

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