Saturday, February 18, 2012

Febuary training & not crossing the N81

Well, post respiratory tract infection, things have not been too bad at all really.  Regular spins to work, and a couple of long steady weekend runs have helped get me back on track.  Well, a couple of months behind what would have been the normal schedule, but what can do you.

I managed a 4 hour road spin last week, but was in the horrors for the final hour, so definitely have a long way to go to get fit.  I used to do a 2 hour commute to work on occasion in the past - heading out around the lake a Blessington or up to Sally Gap, but even doing 1 hour 15 is a challenge.  But I plan to put a big effort in for the remaining 11 days of February and hope to be back up in the mountains at some unGodly hour of a Friday morning when all sane people are still tucked up in bed.

Racing starts tomorrow - both on and off road.  I'd like to do something but I think I'd be better off just getting some base kilometres in...still you can't beat the craic of race day so I've got the mountain bike and road bike ready to go :)

I'm pretty sure I'll sign up for the Lough Derg Challenge.  Its something to aim towards and a hard event to boot.  And its also sure to attract a strong field after the good reports from last year.

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