Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pre-season kick off.. take 2

Mostly over this affliction now.  I've just 1 more day on the antibiotics and that should be that.  So today I decided to get out on the bike and see how things felt.

After a lot of humming and hawing I went on the road.  Mainly because I was feeling lazy and did not fancy the packing, driving, unpacking, riding, packing, driving, unpacking, cleaning that goes with the mountain bike.  The plan was to do a handy spin on the flat for a couple of hours to ease the body back.  But I ended up pushing things for most of the spin.  I did my best to stay on the flat, but somehow I ended up on the Newbridge GP loop.  And since I was there it would have been rude not to do a couple of laps.

Its a great little loop of about 17km.  There's less than 200 metres of climbing a lap, but most of them are crammed into a kicker about 1.5km long and a 3km drag.  There are some flat bits in there, but you feel most of your time is spent going up or down.

The first lap was hard going, but I felt better on the second and starting on the drag a group of lads from South Dublin CC passed me.  As they passed I resisted tagging on the back... for about 30 seconds.  Then as their group began to splinter I just had to push things on :) .  Its great having people faster than you to chase and I made the most of the lads in that respect.  I'm also glad I bumped into them because one of the lads spotted the QR on my rear wheel was flapping about, on the descent!  So with that fixed I finished off the lap and tootled home.

I was great to be back on the bike but I was cramping up on the way back, probably due to the time off and the extra effort I put in chasing the guys on the climb.  Anyway here's to more of that in the coming months!

I've lofty plans for the week - 2 hour spin into work on Tuesday and Friday, with the Wednesday night spin in there and maybe a TT session on Thursday, but if I managed half that I won't complain.

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Unknown said...

Good to see your back. We should have a good few at the races this year !!