Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Weeks 1 and 2

Despite all the distractions I've managed to be fairly productive so far in 2012.  Starting off was a first... the climb up to Turlough hill.  I've never been up there before and chose a particularly crappy day for my first attempt - a gale and freezing conditions.  But was good to try it out once, and I'll  be back.

I've also managed to get a couple of spins into work and my first Wednesday night Naas spin last week, so that if I can get those 3 spins going regularly, I'd be happy enough.

I got myself a new set of wheels for the Cube (well overdue), so plan on getting out a little more on that.  I've only done a couple of spins so far and a big one up in Hollywood.  Plan on doing something tomorrow around Seehan.
my new wheels (yes taking a chance, but great price for tubeless)

My Tacx Swing Turbo trainer has finally bit the dust - not that I was using it much, but a few months in the shed seemed to have got it a little rusty and the resistance part is... well not putting up much resistance.  So I got a Cycleops fluid trainer during the week.  The plan would be to use it if the weather turns bad, but also get on it at least once a week for a sneaky 45min session if all the kids are asleep.  Well I can dream :)

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