Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year!


Been keeping a very low profile over the past 4 months. Work has been very busy and with the arrival of baby number 2, there's not been much time for anything else - certainly not cycling!

The biggest disappointment this year was not managing to do the Cooley Thriller and National Marathon champs, but even heading out on social spins and even cycling to work have been sorely missed.

The plans for 2012 are a little hazy right now.  I've put a training plan together for the first couple of months and will see how that goes.  I hope things ease up in work enough to get commuting again, after that it'll be trying to make the most of any time I've free.  There's going to be plenty of racing next year, but I only plan on doing XC racing relatively close to home.  I'll do a few road races also if they are local.  But with no bike for the Gravity Enduro or funds/time for the races that take up a whole day, the first half of the year could be quite enough.

I'd like to do the Mountain Bike Challenge in Lough Derg, but again its about figuring out if I've the time to take 2 days away from the family or can bring them along with me.

The marathon bike series looks great and is on later in the year which will suit be better.  I think 2 of the rounds will be the Cooley Thriller and the National Marathon Champs so a couple more would make that a great event.

Not sure about Bontrager this year.... its not looking good especially as Oisin will have a 4 month old baby to keep him busy too, so we'll just play that by ear.

So, I'm not giving up on the biking, but it'll be more a case of picking and choosing what to do.


Unknown said...

Much road racing this year? I think I will concentrate on it this year.


Unknown said...

I'd say there will be more road racing this year as I won't be travelling to the far away xc races... so you get yerself a bling road bike then?

Unknown said...

no, no new bike (yet!). Will see how it goes then maybe :)
What cat are you?

Unknown said...

I'm sticking in S3 as have done nothing amazing in it yet :)

Unknown said...

If all goes well, hopefully I can give you a bit of competition !!