Saturday, February 13, 2010

Training log

Monday - Cycled into work via Slade, but this time I went around the far side! Once I got to the top I hung a right and descended down to the N81 before taking another left and climbing back up the other side on the road where we used to park up for Slade spins.
It added some more time onto the spin and enough climbing to make it worth while.
Tuesday - Spin class. Not sure what was up but did not get the HR rate up as high as last week. T'was ok. Paul had us doing squats on the bike - truly the most painful thing you'll ever have to do.
Wednesday - Freezing cold. Would have gone on a road spin with Gene, but could not face it.
Thursday - Cycled into work straight. Sooo cold and I definitely did not have enough insulation in the basement (as Shane Stokes might say). The pain was out of this world. Lesson Learned.
Friday - had fancied the idea of a bigger spin into work via the Blessington lake, but a few things came up and I had to drive into work. I was not that disappointed - cycling around those back roads in the dark is probably not the smartest thing to be doing (but might try on Monday morning all the same).
Saturday - 4 hour super savage spin with @OisinBoydell. Starting near GOD, hit Djouce, Maulin, around the back of Ballinastoe, and then Downshill for good measure.

All was good till I broke another hanger. Thats 2 in 7 days. Up until last Saturday, in 4 years of mountain biking I've never broken one...

Oisin had his Pronghorn out. It took everything Oisin threw at it in its stride. Great on the climbs and sure footed descending (mind you Oisin may have had a part to play in that). I had some issues getting the brakes the way I like'em, but thats all sorted now so I should be out on it next week.


Unknown said...


can you send me a more detailed image of the route. or the garmin file. Am interested to see how you linked up Downs hill into the spin.

Also did my hanger in this morining.


Unknown said...

Hey Cormac - sent it to your eircom account