Saturday, February 20, 2010

Training log

Monday - Was still a bit sore after Saturdays spin, but the long route into work loosened everything up - freezing cold again. Getting into attacking the Slade climb... now I'm not coming to a complete standstill on it.
Tuesday - Spinning class. Paul kept pushing the resistance up all through the session. Was hard, but not brutally so. IT band very tender after it. And stayed that way for the rest of the day.
Wednesday - IT band definitely inflamed. Its very tender/sore standing, sitting... you name it. Stretching ain't helping. Still, went out with Gene for a handy spin around Glending. I timed him doing intervals. Booked physio for next Tuesday and will stay off the bike for a few days.... arrragh!
Thursday - Plenty of Ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory gels - leg still sore.
Friday - Same as Thursday, but IT band definitely getting better. Did some gently stretching. Also talking with Oisin and did some research on causes. It looking like cleat position. My left leg points out but even with the float in the cleat, its not enough. So did some adjusting. Also noticed the cleat was positioned WAY too far forward. Grand if you are a high-cadence, toe-down type of pedaler but I'm the opposite. So fixed that too. That should make a huge difference in getting the power down.
Saturday - 3rd day off the bikes - getting the jitters...maybe I might go for a tootle around the town... better not. Got stuff to do in the garden and the car is going in for the NCT. Tomorrow on the other hand....

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