Friday, February 5, 2010

Training log

Monday - tried the Time Crunched Cyclists field test. 2 X 8 minute sprints and you use the higher of the 2 average heart rates to use in your training plan. Did them on the turbo trainer. Result? I really don't go very fast on the TT. These are the types of tests you need to do on the bike outside I think. You always push yourself that bit harder. So instead of using the values from the field test, I pulled out an average from the races I did last year, which was significantly higher. While doing that, I also realized that for training, I just need to make sure that my training is pushing me as hard, or harder than I would go in a race - I'm a freakin' genius. Not that I'm putting down Chris Carmichael (some of the drills will be used), but after a while, you just start to know what you have do.
Tuesday - Spinning! Yay... er I mean ouch. Forgot how bloody hard they are, and more specifically Paul pushes you. As I mentioned in posts from last year, there's no hiding place, if he spots you are not in pain, he cranks up the resistance and shouts at you a bit... well worth the money. :)
Wednesday - Glending with Gene. Managed about 45mins of solid effort. The trails are in a bad way - I've never had the front wheel wash out so much. Did about 30 mins hard on the trails before giving up on them. After that it was 10 on intervals, which ain't getting easier (and unlike LeMond claims, I don't think I'm getting any faster).
Thursday - Is my scheduled rest day (or Friday, depends on my mood), so I did my commute to work via Slade :) . Mainly because I did not count Monday as training. After 10 mins warm up, I pushed it pretty hard. Felt it in the legs during the day. Tapped home the usual way.
Friday - Felt tired today, so didn't rest and instead commuted into work nice and easy. Have a sore throat, but hopefully it won't get any worse.
Saturday - Won't be out with Oisin tomorrow as he is not feeling the best. As long as the sore throat does not get any worse I'll head up early to Ticknock and do the same route as last week.
Then home to wash some bikes and sleep. I'm defo not doing a tap on Sunday (apart from eating). Though I might try to bleed the Pronghorn's brakes - still too soft for my liking.

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Dave Irvine - MTB said...

8 Minute Sprints! Keep the Ambulance on speed dial...