Friday, May 15, 2009

Season restart

Went to my new physio today for a check-up on progress. He's happy with my knee, and put most of the recovery down to the stretches I've been doing rather than his (painful) physio. Still, he did work on the outside of my right calf which was very tight. I managed not to scream out in pain today, but a few of his moves did catch my breath. But the good news is I'm on the road bike for an easy spin on Sunday. All going well, I'll probably spin into work a couple of times next week, but will miss round 5 in Magheramorne as I don't think I'll be up to racing.

The following week I'll build up the distance and intensity, and get back on the mountain bike. The good thing is I have the first 2 weeks of June off, so will be bringing the bikes on holiday with me to West Cork. The roads are not the best down there, but I plan to be doing a lot more off road interval stuff for the holidays. Then, it'll be back up for Round 6 - MAD's race!

So feeling pretty good (dare I say stoked!) about things right now (even if my calf is sore), and will be updating more regularly once I get back in the saddle. But most of all I'm really looking forward to racing again, as I'm keen to make a podium if at all possible before the end of the season.


Stephen said...

Delighted for you man! I'd put big money on you getting a podium before the end of the season. Wonder would Paddy Power give me decent odds ;-)

Unknown said...

Cheers Steve - and thanks for pointing towards the Hardybucks - class"

Sean said...

Good news at last!
Care to name this wonder-physio?

Nice description of the work too...moves that catch your breath. My personal favourite is when you've been in agony for 15mins and they then announce that "this next one might hurt a bit"
Keep up all the stretching and conditioning stuff too..all too easy to forget about it when you're mobile again but I'm sure it does some good to keep at it in the long term, going forward, viz a viz maintaining the current state of physical wellbeing.

Top-5 at Nationals? Dare I say it?

Unknown said...

The guys name is Leo Cluxton, he's based in Athgarvan which near Newbridge. Very old School - like Anthony Geoghegan down in Carlow. I'm defo convinced about the daily stretching all right, its just a good habit to get into.

Top 5 in the nationals... well, one can only dream, but I'll give it a good go. Its at a good time for me in terms of getting back into the training, but its a bit away yet :)