Friday, May 8, 2009

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If you measured how good a physical therapist by how much pain they inflict in a session, then my new one is a world champion. He's been doing it for donkey's years and has worked with Kildare GAA and other sports people. I switched from a physiotherapist to a physical therapist because I was just not sold on the ultrasounds, lasers, and (what I think) was a limited approach to just removing the symptoms rather than finding the root of the problem.

He gave me the once over and identified (among other things) a twisted pelvis which has caused my right leg to be a little shorter than my left. He did some manipulations which he feels has solved some of the problems, but I'm told to keep off the bike for a week and to go back next Friday. Again, I've been given a few new stretchs, but this time, I'll actually do them twice a day without fail - defo!

So, with no cycling for at least a week, I'm going to do my stretching and also upper body work - at least I'll make some good use of my spare time.

I'm also a little concerned over the health of my credit card as another week off will mean a few hours on CRC and Wiggle...

The next race is on the 24th of May in Magheramorne, but I'm thinking is will probably not be a runner. That will mean the next race I'll be around for is our own clubs NPS race on the 14th of June. So I'm thinking if that is my comeback race, that would give me roughly a month before the National Champs, which I think will be my target race I think. I'll also be taking part in the K-capital races leading up to the Champs also.

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