Saturday, November 15, 2008

All work and no play

Well, possibly. Been a quite ish couple of weeks due to work. Got out for a couple of fast spins on the road Tuesday and Wednesday, but no Mountain biking since last Sunday, which is a bummer. I was busy last Saturday and Sunday was the club cyclocross race where I was marshalling and marking the trail.

Decided to cycle to work today - if I'm working late, I might as well make use of the commute. So pulled out the slightly rusty BeOne and trundled off. Its still bright at 7.30am, but by the time I was heading home it was dark. No big deal as almost all of the 22km is lit, but there is 5km section which is essentially a back lane with no street lighting. To be honest, with the day-glo jacket, Blackburn rear light and MiNewt, any driver who could not see me from 200 metres needs their eyes tested. Can't cycle in tomorrow, but might on Friday.

Saturday is the first club training spin on the road. Looking forward to it. It'll be 3ish hour on the flat, starting in Tallaght. I'll probably cycle up and back from Naas - depending on the route.

Been going nuts on CRC. Got my Met Veleno Helmet, which is the best thing since sliced bread. Another, slightly bigger, Top Peak saddle bag for the mountain bikes, I did get a new stem for the road bike, but decided I did'nt like it so its getting sent back and got a Pro PLT. And there's more! XTR pedals! No idea why, guess I want to have the best bits on the race bike :) . But that's it I think... well unless I go carbon with the seat post, bar... and then maybe replace the saddle. I think the only way to stop spending is to get out on the bike more often...

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