Friday, November 7, 2008

Spending cash, coughing, and not cycling

Right, first off - I'm not impressed with CRC. They decided to have a sale on their flood damaged stock just when I planned on not spending any cash on bikes or bike related stuff till the new year. Its funny how the road 'sale' affects the mind. All of a sudden I was buys bars, grips, cassettes, chains and God knows what else (all that clicking 'add to basket' became a bit of a blur). There happen to be non-sale items in my basket too, but I just thought what the hell and bought them too. The sale was great though. I've pretty much bought a complete replacement drive train for the Cube - I'm thinking it'll start causing problems early in the new year, a really nice carbon bar, and a 100mm stem for the road bike among other things. Happy days.

Also made another significant purchase this week, but more on that tomorrow...

I'm still fighting the sinus monster, but winning. While the pain can be bad, a couple of sinutabs will sort it out. What's worse is the tireness caused by the lack of sleep. Last nights kip was good, so I hope to get out on the road bike tonight, and maybe a spin around Glending tomorrow for an hour, and then a big mtb spin on Sunday.

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