Saturday, March 6, 2010

Training log... with actual training in it!

Yes, things are getting better on the old leg front. After a couple of physio sessions and some of my own patented massage techniques things are looking up. It turns out the IT band was just a symptom of a problem with the muscles around my hip. So some vigorous massage later, things are on the mend.

So for this week that meant just a couple of spins into work (the easy way), and a night spin with a few sprints with Gene. I hope to get back to the spinning class next week.

I did take part in the Dublin Wheelers GP today. I thought it would be a good way to get some top end fitness back, but in hindsight, it was probably just a good way to get mangled.

I went out in A4, which is the lowest cat on the roadie side of things. There was a big turn out, but the organisers decided to run the A3 and A4 together, but giving us A4's a head start - now I did not realise this till the A3 came storming through into the second lap. Anyway, the race starting off at a nice pace, and the first lap - apart from the sprints out of corners and roundabouts was pretty handy. When the A3's turned up, things went bananas. All of a sudden there was a main group of 80-ish riders, and all of them were trying to get to the front and in doing so were coming dangerously close to oncoming traffic. One guy took a tumble in front of me while doing a decent speed but he was ok after. I think the after the race the general consensus was that the mental braking for no reason and large group was an exception rather than the norm in road racing - which is good to hear!

A group of 7 had broken away just before the A3's had arrived and stayed out to the finish. I just kept out of trouble in the main group and was happy to get around in one piece. In the end the route was 55km and I had an average speed of 38.5kph with a max of 57. It was not much of a workout to be honest. Had I gone in the A3 group or made it into the breakaway I might have managed to get the heart rate up, but stuck in the main group, my average HR was 20 BPM lower than it typically is in an XC race. I do plan on doing 2 more in the next 2 weeks and plan on doing more than just sitting around. For me, the next race will be about staying up front and pushing the pace where possible. I'm not too pushing about winning races, but if I am going to put time into doing some road races I want to get something out of it fitness-wise.

But I do plan on getting back on the mountain bike next week - some hard sessions are required after being off for a couple of weeks.t

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