Thursday, March 25, 2010

My hill climb

I'm taking a new route into work these days over Slade hill, down the other side, and back over it again before dropping into Saggart. The climb from the Castlewarden junction (first roundabout on the Kill road) to the entrance of the forest is what I'm using as a test. Its 6.25km's long and has 229 meters of climbing. I like it a lot as it starts off easy before getting really tough towards the top, so you can get a good tempo going and when to get the steep bits its a real challenge to keep the pace up. I've pulled out the times for that section of the spin to work over the past couple of months and there has been a steady improvement, but today I pushed it and got a new time of 17:33. I'm already looking forward to trying to beat that one :)

Whats highlighted is the actual climb. Defo looks like I'm taking a breather halfway up, but its needed :)

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