Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To train or not to train

At a bit of a loss as to what to do really. Saturday I did a painful 30 minutes on the road bike. I pretty much wrote off NPS 2. Then Monday I hopped on the turbo trainer for 50 minutes doing a 10 minutes at half resistance, 10 at full and the leg felt pretty much spot on. Fitness-wise I was not too bad - I have lost a fair bit but am pretty sure I could get it back quickly. I even weighed myself to find I only put on a kilo (there was some comfort eating over the past couple of weeks), so as of yesterday evening I was planning on doing the race.

However today I'm not sure. I cycled into work and about half way their the pain at the top of my calf kicked off again and remained all day. Cycling home was painful also. The thing is, its not slowing me down, it just hurts like hell. So I'm wondering if its worth doing the race with the aide of a couple of Neurofen plus, or am I just kidding myself? I won't make my mind up till Sunday and will skip the pre-ride Saturday also.


Dave Irvine - MTB said...

Richie, cannot give you advice about what to do but I feel your pain. It must be very very frustrating.

Green with envy about the Oakley's!

Unknown said...

Richie, I could say MTFU and race although this may set you back a month or two.

Does the pain actually impede you?

Hope you get better soon.

Unknown said...

@ Cheers Dave, the Oakley's will lessen the pain somewhar :)
@ Cormac - well, if you say I should race, then I defo am not! The pain only slows me down when I can feel it ;-)

Unknown said...

given, the recent weather you may not be missing much. We did part of the climb on saturdays spin and I can imagine how I could get up it after all the rain this week.

Just see it a a opportunity to work on you upper body strength. You can lift the turbo trainer rather than ride on it:)