Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ouch, me Bursa!

3rd visit to the Physio today, things are improving, more massage, ultrasound and laser. Basically the Bursa is inflamed. The hamstring is fine. It does not hurt as much to walk on now, I can climb stairs without feeling it, but my usual bounding up 2 or 3 steps a time is not a runner. The physio says to try a flat road spin on Friday and head in to see him afterwards. Mountain biking is out for another week as its hard not to put pressure on the hamstring when climbing up and over stuff.

So, I'll just play it by ear as to whether I'll do round 2 of the NPS. There's going to be loads of races in May and June, so no point in coming back early only for it to become a long term injury.

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