Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things I'm lovin right now

DHB leg and arm warmers
I got the leg and knee warmers recently and despite the summer starting early, I still make use of them for the early morning starts.  Great products and a super price.  Will be getting the arm warmers once things start to get chilly again (ie, April).

Peanut butter
I'm lovin' this so much right now I bought 1kg of the stuff.  Its great - you can smear it on anything to make it taste nice (steady now).

Home made protein bars
Yum, chocolate, honey, peanut butter, porridge, protein, other stuff - and a heck of a lot cheaper than buying the ready made bars with the nasty preservatives etc...

Farmers tans
The outcome of 3 hours on a bike in March in Ireland!

Energy Gel bottle
Not one of Squeezy Steves, but something I bought years ago, and found during a clear out recently.  Tried it at the Des Hanlon and works a treat.  Much handier than 3 or 4 individually wrapped up gels.

Waking up early

Well, not a huge fan of this, but sometimes you've little choice.  Still I'm lucky enough to be cycling through some of the most scenic landscape in the country, so little to complain about there.

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