Friday, March 23, 2012

More updates

March has been busy.

On the down side, there's been no mountain biking since January - I think the last time I was on a trail was last summer.  I've had to do with cycling to work.  As its the only way to get any kind of 'training' in - which might not be the best way to describe slowly lugging myself up hills around the back of Blessington, but desperate times and all that.  I'm also setting my alarm before 6am in order to get a decent spin into work.  That's not a big deal as I'm usually woken between 4 and 6 anyway with some child looking for some attention.

On the up side, I am doing a lot of cycling - in fact March is looking like its going to be one of the best in terms of distance and metres (slowly) climbed ever.  I can't complain where I am right now considering I only started cycling again properly in February and have a a couple of tummy bugs in that time too.

Its 5 weeks to the Lough Derg Challenge, so my plans will be to reduce the km's and increase the intensity to get to some level of race pace into the old bones.  I've got a couple of races coming up - the Des Hanlon on Sunday and will try to get to the Ticknock Biking Blitz next weekend.  The reason I chose the Des Hanlon over the Leinster league in Bunclody was simply because these races have been clashing for the past 3 years and I've chosen the XC for the past 2.  Another reason is Des Hanlon is a local race for me, having grown up around Newtown, Crettyard, Castlecomer area, I spent many a day rolling around those roads on a grotty old bike 20 plus years ago (eeek!), so its nice to get back.  Finally, this is an Irish 'Classic' and will attract all the top riders, so I'm sure to get a good workout over the duration of the 110km.

So its feet up tomorrow with the exception checking the bike and finding an 11-25 cassette :)

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