Sunday, June 13, 2010

General updates...

I've done very little since the last NPS race, and I feel it. Monday I went out with Gene to Slade for an hour, just to loosen slightly sore legs and also to keep the quickly forming monster scab on my knee from reducing movement. The whole spin was nothing to write home about.

Tuesday was supposed to be IMBRC club racing. I went up to Slade straight from work with the plan of getting in a couple hours between the race and a few sneaky laps beforehand. But a rough night with the young lad had be shattered so after 2 laps of the club course I threw in the towel and went home before the race started.

Did not do anything till Friday, when I cycled into work via Blessington lake. A good 2 hour spin with lots of rolling hills. Then got my easy 40 min cycle home after.

Saturday was an hour in Slade. Yeah, should have done more but felt tired. Plus I had big plans to head out today, which didn't happen!!!

Training is getting harder and harder, and I need to be more disciplined in order to fit it in along with work and the family - not as easy as it sounds.

So for this week, its big cycle into work tomorrow. Tuesday I'm thinking of cycling in with the mountain bike so I can get the club race on the way home, and then as much cycling in and out of work as I can for the rest of the week.

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