Saturday, July 16, 2011

Detour Camper Vans

Non(ish) bike related but worth posting!

Met up with a mate of mine today and turns out he's setup a small business hiring out campervans. Not the smelly old kind, but brand spanking new ones with the standard essentials (fridges, cookers, chemical toilets) and bonus gadgets (secondary sound systems and USB ports for charging your laptops, ipods etc).

The company is called and have a fleet of converted Nissan Primastar vans which have room for 2 or 4 adults. The vans can be picked up at the airport or an agreed location around Dublin.

If you like to keep your holiday plans flexible without compromising on comfort, this is defo the way to go! Personally I'm ragin' as this would have been perfect for the trip to Bontrager... though might also be perfect for the Singlespeed world champs and/or Marathon Champs in Ballyhoura in a couple of months :)

Twitter: @detourcampervan


Assorted pics of the vans

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Stephen said...

Was looking at them earlier- great idea. They look class! Will definitely be considering one for 2012 Mega or ROC